Real Madrid 1 - 1 Barcelona (Copa del rey , all goals )

Real Madrid 1 - 1 Barcelona ( Copa del rey , all goals and all highlights )


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PES 2013 (Screenshots)

Screenshots :

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Ronaldinho amazing freekick (PES 2013)

Ronaldinho amazing freekick , this is a master of freekick . Best Free kick in PES 2013.


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Neymar dance in PES 2013

            Neymar Dance Celebration , new dance Ai se u pego . Very cool celebration.


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Lionel Messi vs C.Ronaldo (Goals,Skills)

Lionel Messi vs C.Ronaldo (Goals,Skills) , you can see who is more good . This video tell who have the talent. Share for more .

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PES 2013 review: At last, Konami gets it right...

Over recent seasons, Pro Evolution Soccer has imported an increasing amount of its DNA from fighting games. Scan PES 2013's move lists and you're left wondering if your Master League team would be better served signing Ryu over Rooney, such is the volume of button-and-stick combos for flicks, tricks, shimmies, special shots and off-the-ball manoeuvres.

While PES remains perfectly playable on lower difficulties, if you ignore all these fripperies, you're found out when you move up to the Pro levels or venture online. It's a far cry from the simple days of ISS Pro 98. However, even if you find learning Cruyff turns a turn-off, in PES 2013 there's one button that it's crucial to get to grips with, and that's R2/RT. This one button unlocks a whole new way of approaching PES, in both attack and defence, and almost singlehandedly makes 2013's offering the best of this console generation. When you're in possession, R2/RT is used to trap the ball, and, if you've timed it properly, will buy you a yard of space to prise open any defence.

PES 2013 may launch two weeks before FIFA 13

A retail source has suggested that Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 will launch two weeks before FIFA 13.
An October launch that was showcased on an advert isn't relevant anymore as Blockbuster's website is "more accurate", apparently. The retailer lists the football title for a September 14 release, with FIFA 13 hitting retail on September 28.
Pro Evolution Soccer normally launches during October after FIFA's late September release. However, if the source is to be accurate, the September release would mark the first time a PES installment has launched before FIFA ever since Pro Evolution Soccer 3's release nearly a decade ago.
The source added that Konami's CEO "is personally involved to ensure all licensing is resolved in time for this date".